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New Endorser

Noah Munro Lehrman


Noah’s drum and percussion credits range from his NY psychedelic folk/rock band "The Grove" to the late international drum legend Babatunde Olantuji’s small ensemble.

Since 2002 Noah has been Musical Director of the AppleJam Music festival Series in NYC.




Noah's stick of choice?  Silver Fox 515 Maple!


SilverFox Percussion
© 2002  SilverFox
Percussion •

Amy Blaze


Amy Blaze is a new, dynamic Silver Fox endorser who plays with the high energy all female band "Sisterfunk".


Check out their website for band info and a gig schedule.



Amy's stick of choice?  Silver Fox Custom Hickory- LR!



Dana Kelly

Dana is one busy drummer! His main 'gig' is with Ama, who will be opening for "The Donnas" on tour. He also recently recorded with Frank Barter and Alex Walsh.

Dana teaches in Berkeley, at Marin Music and Haight-Ashbury Music in CA.


Dana's stick of choice?  Silver Fox NEW 5B (He uses our 5A and Maple 515 also !)



RJ Minichello


New endorser RJ MInichello is the driving force and vocalist  with Gemstone. They recently finished a new (2nd) CD.


Check their website for band and CD info.









Anthony Deso


Anthony plays with Funkshop Loomis, a NY based band. They are in the studio working on a new EP.


Check their website for upcoming gigs!








Gary Tourigny



Gary's band Fathom, is in a NY studio working on their new CD. You can check out a sample MP3 at their band site.




Gary's stick of choice?  Silver Fox Custom Hickory JX !


Ted Woodward


Ted plays with Optic Lock, one of Rhode Islands top band. Their CD "Lock On" is available at


Be sure to catch them if  you're visiting the smallest state!








Nick Amoroso


Check out Nick playing behind Christopher Mills. Nick also contributes to a great drumming site, DRUMDOJO. Watch for a Silver Fox review in coming months!




Nick's stick of choice?  Silver Fox 5A !Classic Hickory SF-5A


Paul Maiolo

Here's what Paul has to say about our hand finished sticks: "Silverfox sticks are really the best I have used yet! They rule. I can really depend on the quality and consistency that I know I can get from a pair of Silverfox drumsticks."

Paul's stick of choice?  Silver Fox 5A !Classic Hickory SF-5A

For more info about Paul and his group, Uncomfortable Silence, just click on his picture.   By the way, Paul also plays a Grover Custom Drum Kit !

Herbie Correia

Catch Herbie and the hard rockin'  Emery Vesch Band. Click HERE for info.

Herbie's stick of choice?  Silver Fox 7A !

 Mark Watts

Mark plays with Virginia based "surfabilly" band the Reverb Rockets. Their sound has been decribed as "a mix bertween Dick Dale, Johnny Cash and Dave Edmunds"  To check out a cut from their new CD "Test Rocket" click HERE.

Mark's stick of choice?  Silver Fox MR !


Dan Salyers' new CD Release


Dan and his group The Jinx Motive, released their live CD. Check out the review in !



Steve Hollingworth Clinic

On October 19, the University of Ottawa hosted a percussion event featuring SF endorser Steve Hollingworth. Steve gave a tremendous clinic and plans are already in place for a repeat event next year!

Factory Visits




New endorser, Mike Hayden is pictured in front of a custom modified  back knife lathe, used to lathe Silver Fox sticks to perfection.


Nashville's Blues Rocker Magazine  calls his band, Mambo Sons, "...(a) mixture of DNA of some of the greatest rock bands of all time".









Vintage drum collector and percussionist Bruce Hanahan stopped by  to pick out some SF-515 Maple sticks. He brought along some real gems from the past: 2 Ludwig 1920's vintage "Supers" and a rare Duplex "Spirit of St. Louis" !




Bruce's stick of choice?  Silver Fox 515 Maple !


The Fox Returns To PASIC



Eric Olson Joins Thirdshift

Endorser Eric Olson has recently left the Band of 1 Mind to join Thirdshift. You can learn more about the band a the Thirdshift website

Eric's stick of choice?  Silver Fox 5B !

John Ryan of Steel Justice Band

John's stick of choice.....? Silver Fox Custom JR

Bionic CD Release

Endorser Justin Pacy and his new band Bionic just released their CD "Burn". It is starting to get airplay on WAAF in Boston and news is that a few major labels are taking a serious look.

For more info visit the Bionic website.

(10/7/02 Factory Visit- Justin on left with Product Specialist

Jeff Harrington)

Steve Chagarris with Ken Clark Organ Trio

Be sure to check endorser Steve Chagarris playing with super-funk organist Ken Clark!

Listen to some serious riffs at:


Steve's stick of choice?  Silver Fox 1A !


 Mickey Hartzog Signature Stick

Model SF-1005
Be on the lookout for the brand new Mickey Hartzog signature drum stick. The SF-1005 is 17" long with a .725 butt and short taper.

The SF-1005 has an exclusive 12" backtaper, which effectively moves the center of gravity forward. This has two noticeable benefits, first it gives the stick a quicker rebound off the head, up to 25% faster in the upstroke! Second, it "beefs-up" the stick right where you need it most, in the rim shot zone. What does this mean to you? A faster rebounding stick with greater durability on the field!

The stick was beta tested by the 2001 Pioneer D&B Corps with great results. Mickey Hartzog is currently the caption head for the Pioneer D&B Corps. Mickey has spent the last 10 years working as caption head, arranger and instructor for several corps including: The Sky Ryders, the Magic of Orlando, Nothern Aurora, Blue Devils B, and Lone Star.


Silver Fox Unveils Field Series
The latest innovation in wound keyboard mallets!

  Our new Silver Fox Field Series Keyboard Mallets were a tremendous success throughout the 2002 drum corps season. The Pioneer D&B Corps were extremely impressed with the durability and high schools & colleges across the country have been gearing up with Field Series mallets for this year's marching season.

Designed exclusively for marching from the ground up, Field Series Keyboard Mallets utilize the most state-of-the-art wrapping and crowning system available.

  An innovative "one-ply" micro-filament wrap allows for 500-700 wraps (as opposed to 100-200 wraps with traditional yarn and cord). A much tighter and more unified wrap results in maximum durability, even under the most extreme weather conditions. The micro-filament wrap further allows for more control of density and hardness. A weighted core provides superb balance and feel.

  A permanent, mechanical epoxy crown provides the ultimate protection against unwrapping as the mallets can be crowned 360° around, as opposed to traditional stitch crowning which only touches the mallet in 5 or 6 places.

  Field Series Keyboard Mallets are available in a Vibes Series and a Marimba Series:

SF-810  soft (azure green)
SF-830  medium (rhonda blue)
SF-850  hard (bishop red)


SF-710  soft (forest green)
SF-730  medium (purple)
SF-750  hard (chestnut brown)

I recently purchased two pairs of Silver Fox 730 Field Series keyboard mallets from the Grover booth at WGI in Milwaukee. After finally having a chance to play with them, I only have one question: Where can I get more? ...a satisfied WGI customer...


 New 5-B"phee" Wood Tip

Our new 5B model has a beefier neck and oversize new barrel tip. Endorsee Craig Sala has worked with SIlver Fox to create a 5B on steroids!

We've already sold out the first production run, but plan to fire up the lathe and produce more as soon as our production schedule allows.....


Vibist Frank PicarazziVibist

Frank Picarazzi

 Vibist Frank Picarazzi is a New York based musician who created quite a stir during his improptu performances in the VANCORE booth at PASIC. Frank was just as impressed with the new Silver Fox Model 810 Mallets. "From chamber music to jazz to pop, Silver Fox mallets afford me an amazing pallatte of sonic color and tone projection. HIGHLY recommended for the versatile vibraphonist."


SilverFox Endorsers/Educators:

John Alfiers

Nick Amoroso (Independent)

Duncan Arsenault (The Curtain Society)
Mike Arturi (
Lovin' Spoonful)

Andrew Balla (Senatobia)

Luke Bandy (Stumblerun)

Kyle Bassert (Trailor)
Kristopher Beavers (Perris Records)

Jeffery Beach (Fieldday)

Mark Berube (Yellow 9)

Alex Bhore (Dreaming Of The Fifth)

Amy Blaze (Sister Funk)
Scott Breadman
John Brennan

Josh Brewer (Hogg Mountain Lugg Nuts)
Kirk Bewer (Fleshtone Rockets)
Michael Brigham (Robbie Ducey Band)

Fred Buda (Boston Pops)
Michael Cannizzaro

Damian MonteCarlo (Midnight Angel)
Steve Chaggaris (Ken Clarke Trio)

John Chenette (Psycle)
Danny Clark

Herby Correia (Emery Vesch)

Dallas Cortland (Thorzine)

Kris Crawford (Josh Jackson Band)

Josh Day (New Soul Underground)

Robin Dalgliesh (The Difference Engine, Odium Pen)
Phil Dalmolin

Drew Dedo

Jeff Dehner (Nillah)

Daniel Demarais (Sever)

Anthony Deso (Funkshop Loomis)

Richard Drouin (Iridesense)
Chris Dufault

Tim Edgar (Prevent Falls)

Douglas Forsyth (Moe Jones)
Brad Fuster
Jason Gabrenas (Edgar)

Luke Garro (Piebald)
Gary Gosselin
Kenneth Green

Rob Hampton (Poptart Monkeys)

Bruce Hanahan

Eddie Hartness (Eddie From Ohio)
Mickey Hartzog

Mike Hayden (Jeff Keithline/Mambo Sons)

Dustin Hengst (Damone)

Korey Hodges (derailed)
Jeff Hoke

Steve Hollingworth (5 Man Electric Band)

Gary Hopkins (Blueline)

Nick Iddon (Lamotta)
Neel Jadeja (Sunny Ledford Band)

Kevin "Animal" Jones (F.L.O.W.)

Brian Joyce (Twytch)

Dana Kelly (Ama)
Wardell King

Noah Munro Lehrman (The Grove)

Chris "Sonic" Lewis (The Numbskulls)

Timothy Lydon (The Gelheads)

Paul Maiolo (Uncomfortable Silence)

Chris Mashburn (Nancy Star Group & Afro Blue)

Tony Mason (Splendid Chaos)

Dave McMahan (Clockwise)

Scott McPhail (Gruvis Malt)
Jesse McVaney (Arson)

Nathan Miller (Industry Standard)

RJ Minichello (Gemstone)

Eric Nelson
Eric Olson (Thirdshift)

Jennifer Massini O'Hara (Kudra)

Opus (Gargantua Soul)

Justin Pacy (Bionic)

Donald Scott Parker

Frank Picarazzi

Carl T. Puglisi (Big Top Vertigo)

Mac Purdy (Slow to Surface)

Rick Rando (Merge)

Chris Reeves (Myssouri)

L. Alex Rodriguez (Open Hand Music)

Mike Rorick (Waltham)

David H-T Rosen (Radio Theory)
Brad Rowlin
Garces Ruben (Split 11)

Ian Ruderman (Finster)

Jon Ryan (Steel Justice)
Craig Sala (Planeside)

Dan Salyers (The Jinx Motive)
Terry Sanders

Sanders Sattler (Freak the Jones)

Kevin Saunders (NES)

Bryan Savage (Shockwave)

Shawn Savoy (Brown Sox)

Johnny Schweitzer (Cherri & The Violators)

Guy Staniar (H is Orange)

Adam Street (Nightstorm DBC)
Aaron Thomas (Blue Valley North)

Jason Turner (Jovis)

Gary Tourigny (Fathom)

Chris Trudeau (Sicboy)

Nick Verban (The Lackloves)
Ralph Vidal
David Vose

John F. Walker (Cain)
Pete Walters (Cheap Date)
Mark Wanner (Independent Drummer)

Mark Watts (Reverb Rockets)
Frank T. Williams (Michael Thomas Quintet)

Willy Wiegler (Brickyard Blues)

Ted Woodward (Optic Lock)

Leo Zayas (Rubberplanet)


Drum Line Endorsers:

Pioneer Drum Corps (Div I)

Spartans Drum Corps (Div II)

Bandettes (Div III)

Edmonton Strutters (Div III)

Oregon Crusaders (Div III)

Quest Drum Corps (Div III)

Racine Scouts (Div III)

Concord Drum Corps (UK)

Nightstorm Drum Corps

Imperial Percussion Theatre

Mystical Drum Corps

Presidents Drum Corps

West Virginia Sound

Tennessee State University

University of Missouri

Cal State Sacramento
University of Wisconsin

Northwestern State University

Montana State University

Northwestern State University

Rochester Drum Machine


High School Affiliates:

Alonso H.S., Tampa FL...Jason McLemore

Avonworth H.S.,  Pittsburgh PA ....Walter Street

Blue Valley North H.S., Overland Park KS...Aaron Thomas

Buchholz H.S., Gainesville FL.... Paula Thorton

Clinton H.S.,  Clinton SC...Del Burton

Durant H.S., Plant City  FL....Dan Dubay
Fairview H.S., Fairview PA...Nicholaus Miehl

Harry S. Truman H.S., Levittown PA...Alan Kinsey
Highland H.S., Gilbert AZ...Wardell King
Lake Orion H.S., Lake Orion MI...Jeff Simms
Lakeview Centenial H.S., Lakeview Park IL...Stuart Spoon
Lincoln East H.S., Lincoln NE...Gret Hart
Pascagoula H.S., Pascagoula MS...Jarod Leddy

Roseville Independant Percussion Ens., Sacramento CA...Aaron Hines
Spruce Creek H.S., Port Orange FL...Andrew Kidd

St. Augustine H.S., St. Augustine  FL...Danny Clark

Taveres H.S., Tavares FL...Ryan Wright
Thorton Fractional H.S., Lansing IL...Adam Hill

Tulare Western H.S., Tulare CA...Ray Ferenci
Victor J. Andrew H.S., Tinley Park IL...Alan Barone




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